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How to Search

Fill in the search term – words or word fragments, choose the search direction and press return or click the "search"-button. If you submit more than one word, you will receive as well results for every individual word. In the list of the results you will be able to click on words to launch a new search. If your search didn't return any results, we will try to give you a hint for a modified search.

Virtual Keyboard

You can also type with your mouse on the virtual keyboard (only Myanmar input). Apart from the keys for the letters and for space, you have a backspace key and arrow keys to move the cursor left and right.


Tip: click on the balloon after the search results to be taken to the English pronunciation with many audible examples and further explanatins. This part is provided by Merriam-Webster.


Some words are displayed with additional information that help you to use words in the right context.

We still need to fix some words after conversion from the last dictionary. Please bear with us.

The Font

In order to see Myanmar (Burmese) script, you need to install a special font on your computer that provides the needed characters. For this dictionary it must be Unicode. If you can read the numbers zero to three here: "၀၁၂၃" then you seem to have it installed.

instructions and explanations Check if you have Zaw Gyi installed
We don't support fonts that are only partly Unicode-compatible, like Zaw Gyi. We recommend to use a real Unicode font because this is the standard for all major languages and software and web sites will more and more use it. You can check out Unicode fonts that should be working on the Myanmar Language website. In many cases you may have to choose the font according to your Operating system.

instructions and explanations Compare Myanmar Unicode fonts

If you use a Mac, you can simply deactivate Zaw Gyi without uninstalling it. If you still prefer to use Wwin_Burmese1 you can visit the old version of the dictionary, which, however, will not be actively maintained.

How to Install a Font


It lies in the nature of this project that we prioritize usability and low production efforts over linguistic accuracy and completeness. Since we combined both directions (Myanmar-English and English-Myanmar) in one dictionary, you will find together with precise translations also paraphrases where the languages don't provide sufficient congruence. Unlike many printed dictionaries, we often preferred the spoken variant to the formal.

The separation of Myanmar words is often motivated by the need to continue searching for parts. In reality you will most likely find less spaces.

We will try to extend and maintain the database when ever we find time and resources. Thank you for your patience!

Suggesting Changes or New Entries

Behind the entries you find an icon depicting a pen. Click here if you think that our translation is not correct or if you want to add something. All suggested changes will be revised before made public. (Again, please count with some time to process them.)


This dictionary is provided for free and we don't offer individual support. If you need more help, wish to report a software bug or tell us what you think about the dictionary, please visit our discussion forum.

Please understand that we are not able to provide free translation or writing services!

You can submit this kind of inquiries here.


Drag the following bookmarklet to your browser toolbar. Then you can look up a word on any other website by first highlighting the word and then pressing "Look Up" in the toolbar. This should work for both languages (but only for Unicode).

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