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This dictionary is the successor of the Burmese-English Online Dictionary that was launched in 2006 as one of the first Burmese dictionaries with a real search function.

The motivation behind it was and still is to provide a free language tool to the people from - and increasingly also in - Myanmar (Burma). Language continues to be one of the main obstacles to integration in foreign countries and to the empowerment of people at home. Printed dictionaries, however, are not everywhere available or affordable, and computers rarely offer Myanmar hardware keyboards.


Idea and software by Christoph Amthor. The vocabulary was built with the help of volunteers whose contribution is very much appreciated!

Large portions of words were imported from the free list of Ornagai (source at GitHub) and modified to fit into this database.

Among others we use as reference:

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Although we carefully check any website that we have linked to, we don't accept any responsibility for their content.


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